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Image of NamtarU-"Ancient Serpent" 7" USA ORDERS ONLY!

NamtarU-"Ancient Serpent" 7" USA ORDERS ONLY!


500 Hand Numbered Copies on Lovecraft green swirl vinyl!
First 30 Copies come with a NamtarU patch!

Side-1 "Ancient Serpent"

Side-2 "Total Annihilation"

2 of the Sickest Black/Death songs to spew forth from NamtarU.
Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos tentacled corpse god has awoken!

Spawned in 1995 and releasing a c.d. "The Plagues of Namtar" in 1999.
They have not been quiet yet they have been in a slumber/working/writing mode
crafting their songs. In 2018, The stars Aligned and Afterworld Records and NamtarU crossed paths again after 27 years. Both agreed that we would open the gate in 2019. The pact was made at this time. and is executed today Friday the 13th December 2019.

Featuring members of Goreaphobia,Necrotion,Blood Storm,Incantation.

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